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Something Special About Our Passes This Year This year's festival passes, the beautiful black woven bracelets with the word "illuminate" woven in gold cord, were created and made by the women of M Lap Tapang. Created to provide positive options for street children and meet the immediate needs of children at risk. Our Festival passes are not only environmentally "sustainable," but life "sustainable," benefitting directly the street children of Sihanoukville, and their future.

A Winter Feast for the Soul

Inspired by the words of 13th century poet and mystic Jelaluddin Rumi, A Winter Feast for the Soul was born in the Wood River Valley in 2007 as a 40 day commitment to spiritual practice. The organizations vision is to support people around the world in finding inner peace in their lives through the creation of a daily spiritual practice. "What nine months does for the embryo, forty early mornings will do for your growing awareness." -Rumi

War Dance

For the past twenty years, northern Uganda has been at war with a rebel force, the Lord's Resistance Army, and the country's children have been the greatest victims of the conflict. After two decades, there is little sign of peace on the horizon. But amongst the grief and violence, voices are heard-children's voices-singing strong without fear. They dance about their homeland; they dance about their future; they dance to be children...and they dance to win. In 2005, primary students from the Acholi tribe, living in the remote northern Uganda refugee camp of Patongo, won the regional music competition, which qualified them to participate and compete in the National Music Competition. WarDance follows the courageous efforts of Patongo's students as they pour their hearts into winning the year's music competition. The film also intimately follows the stories of three children, Rose, Nancy and Dominic, as they prepare for the competition and as they confide their individual hopes, fears and dreams. Community School Students to speak after screening. Generously sponsored by the students and staff of the Community School.

They Call Me Muslim

In popular Western imagination, a Muslim woman in a veil - or hijab - is a symbol of Islamic oppression. But what does it mean for women's freedom when a democratic country forbids the wearing of the veil? In 2004, the French government instituted an "anti-veil law," forbidding Muslim girls from wearing the hijab to school. In this provocative documentary, filmmaker Diana Ferrero portrays the struggle of two women - one in France and one in Iran - to express themselves freely. French, Farsi Subtitled

Soul Masters: Dr. Guo and Dr Sha

In China, it is said that Dr. Guo can cure the incurable. When his representative in the West, Dr. Sha, heals her ailing father, American filmmaker Sande Zeig follows him as he travels to China to visit his mentor, Dr. Guo. At Dr. Guo's clinic, she captures first-ever footage of breakthrough medical practices involving herbal medicine, fire massage, and self healing techniques. On the journey, she learns from these "Soul Masters" that everything has a soul, and the soul can heal. Sande Zeig, Filmmaker, Allan Chuck, Master Teacher, to speak at screening.

Saluting the Sun

This is a film about truth and deception. The film fragments deliberately encourage the viewer to pre-judge.only to realize at the end that all is not what it appears to be.

Rumi Returning

This is the story of a 13th century Muslim child who fled his home in Afghanistan as a refugee of war to become one of the planet's great voices for universal love and tolerance of all paths to God. Filmed on location amidst Turkey's architectural wonders, Rumi Returning brings the Islamic world of the Middle Ages to life through dramatic tableaus of dervishes in traditional dress accompanied by calls to worship and ecstatic Sufi music. The film explores why a line from Rumi's poetry should be our world's motto post 9-11. Cynthia Lukas and Kell Kearns, Co-producers, to speak at screening.


Across the nation, people of faith are standing up for the environment. Evangelical Christians are fighting mountaintop removal, a coal mining process that is decimating Appalachia. Muslims are supporting sustainable farming. Jews are helping children experience the bond between nature and spirituality. Interfaith Power and Light is mobilizing people of all faiths in a religious response to global warming. For the first time, the combined energy of these diverse activists is the driving force behind this feature-length documentary. Veteran film producers Marty Ostrow and Terry Kay Rockefeller have crisscrossed the country to capture these exciting stories of people whose passion and deep moral commitment are making a difference in a time of grave ecological threats. Generously sponsored by the members of the Wood River Jewish Community, Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Light on the Mountains Spiritual

Raising Lucy

It's about an orphaned goose, two dogs and a whole neighborhood that rally to raise a wild animal. Join this couple from Coeur d"laine, Idaho over nine months of raising a day old gosling to a full grown Canada Goose, including flying lessons! One goose, Lucy, brought the Muzik's and their friends and neighbors to a deeper connection to nature and the harmony that can be possible by honoring life. Director Chad Christensen, Filmmaker and Carol Muzik to speak at screening.

Project Happiness

Project Happiness follows a senior high school class from the Mount Madonna School near Watsonville , California on a journey to discover the true basis of human happiness. Joining them on this quest are the Tibetan and Indian students from the Tibetan Children�s Village in Dharamsala , India and the Dominion Heritage Academy in Jos , Nigeria . Using the internet, video cameras, and other new communications technologies, the students will explore and create a new curriculum inspired by His Holiness the Dalai Lama�s book Ethics for the New Millennium. Together the students will build bridges of understanding to learn about each other and themselves. We believe the project will make a unique and lasting contribution to the public understanding of the Dalai Lama�s wisdom regarding happiness, ethics and the quest for a meaningful life. Randy Taran, Executive Director, Project Happiness to speak at screening.

Praying With Lior

Praying with Lior is not just an engrossing, wrenching and tender documentary film, it is also the centerpiece of an ambitious outreach campaign to change the way people with disabilities are perceived and received by faith communities. The movie poses difficult questions such as what is "disability" and who really talks to God? Lior has Down Syndrome, and has spent his entire life praying with utter abandon. The film follows Lior from birth through his Bar Mitzvah, through the eyes of his family and community members. Told with intimacy and humor, Praying with Lior is a family story, a triumph story, a grief story, and a divinely-inspired story. Generously sponsored by the Wood River Valley Jewish Community.

Peace One Day

The epic quest of a concerned peace activist seeking to convince the United Nations of sanctioning an official day of global cease fire is profiled in this documentary showcasing filmmaker Jeremy Gilley's efforts to open a constructive dialogue on the merits of peace. Over the course of five long years, Gilley would meet with heads of state, freedom fighters, Nobel Peace Laureates, media moguls, and anyone at the UN willing to consider his proposal to discuss the prospect of eschewing all forms of violence for a scant 24 hours, once every 365 days. Just how much positive impact can one person have...consider September 21st, the last day of the film festival, has been deemed by the UN, International Peace Day...

The Other Side of the Door

Capturing two Latter Day Saints Missionaries in their day-to-day task of going door to door trying to share their faith with others, this film acts as an entertaining and enlightening way to show what it truly is like on the other side of the door. World Premiere

One Light

Inspired to resolve conflicts in today's world, Angad Singh at age 13, directed and produced this short without any film making experience and using his laptop and a hand cam. After attending a program on international relations, he decided to take his first step in making this world a better place. His film celebrates the oneness of humanity and aims to transform, connect and inspire everyone to make a baby step in the direction of a friendlier world. A little rough on cinematography, Angad's message transcends the craft! Angad Singh, Filmmaker to speak at screening.

Losing the elephants

Their lifespan can reach well into the nineties. They recognize their own reflections in a mirror. Family values are paramount. Memories are held onto for a life time. Why then are we letting Elephants slide towards the edge of collapse? They are big, beautiful, smart, and social, and throughout Asia they are facing their own mortality. Should it be a priority in our modern world to shepard any species, especially one that is on an order of intelligence approaching our own, to some sort of long term survival? The plight of Asian Elephants challenges us to think about our relationship to the beings around us.

Living Yoga: The Life and Teachings of Swami Satchidananda

Living Yoga highlights the distinctive blend of Yoga, spiritual philosophy and interfaith ideals Swami Satchidananda brought from India in 1966 and offered to the Woodstock generation. These teachings influenced a generation and created a Yoga culture that is flourishing today. Applications of Yoga in health care, environmental preservation, education, the arts and other arenas are highlighted with interviews from leaders in these fields including Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Mehmet Oz. The film is in loving memory of musical luminary Alice Coltrane, who helped to fund the project.

The Little Sisters Fund

The Little Sisters Fund provides long-term scholarships for economically disadvantaged girls in Asia. Girls who, without the educational support of the Little Sisters Fund, would be many times more susceptible to the evils of child labor, child marriage and child trafficking (including the international sex industry). Trevor, a valley native, has been selected to receive the Unsung Heroes. Trevor Patzer, Executive Director, Scott Squire and Amy Benson, Directors, to speak at screening.

The Laya Project

The Laya Project is a musical and visual journey of folk communities in the 2004 tsunami affected regions of Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar and India. Unknown local folk musicians were recorded and filmed, mostly in make-shift on-location studios. While based on regional folk music traditions, the Laya Project mixes and enhances the original recordings, crossing boundaries of genre while still preserving the music of the people. The Laya Project is a personal and collective tribute to the resilience of the human spirit, and is dedicated to the survivors of the 26th December 2004 Asian tsunami. Purchase of CD�s and DVD�s available in theatre lobbies. The music you hear before and after film screenings throughout the festival are part of The Laya Project

A Jihad For Love

Turkey/South Africa/France 2007, 81 minutes The world's first feature documentary to explore the complex global intersections between Islam and homosexuality, a Jihad for Love is filmmaker Parvez Sharma's debut. The literal Arabic translation of jihad, is "struggle" or "to strive in the path of God." The pursuit of love has brought the people in this film into conflicts with their countries, families, and even themselves. Such is the quandary of being both homosexual and Muslim, a combination so taboo that very little about it has been documented. The real-life characters in the film don't seek to vilify or reject Islam, but rather to negotiate a new relationship to it. In the hope of opening a dialogue that has been mostly non-existent in Islam's recent history, and defining jihad as a "struggle" rather than a war, the film presents the struggle for love.

If there were no Lutherans, would there still be green jello?

One man. One sign. This humorous documentary shows how an offbeat Lutheran pastor changes his corner of the world - and local traffic patterns - one churchyard sign at a time. Idaho Premiere


Some of the first churches in Eastern Europe were carved out of caves by Saint Lucas and Saint John during the 2nd century. An important part of the worship of the time became the veneration of icons-images of God, Mother Mary, the saints and stories from the Bible-the parishioners would pray to the icon and even kiss it in order to be connected more closely to God. This film transports us into the Eastern Orthodox Church of today, through the eyes and artwork of Romanian iconographer, Titiana Popa. Titiana Popa the artitst and Teddy Grouya the filmmaker to speak at the screening.

I Am

When 10 year old Sahiful Mondal from a children's shelter in eastern India won an international film award three years ago, many thought it was just a flash in the pan. His success has highlighted the work of Muktaneer (Freedom House), a home for orphaned and homeless boys on the outskirts of Kolkata that is making a name for itself at international festivals for its documentaries made by children. Muktaneer is run by the Centre for Communication and Development (CCD), a charity fighting to save children in the eastern Indian state West Bengal from abuse, poverty and trafficking. This is the centre's first film "Aami" (I Am), directed by 12-year-old orphan Ashikul, and which won the Grand Prize in 2004 at the Kids for Kids International Film Festival in Greece. Icon

Happiness Is

Happiness Is explores the myths and the truths behind the pursuit of happiness in America. The film shares the insights found through conversations with artists and leaders who seek to inspire happiness, scholars and authors who spend their lives studying it, and everyday Americans struggling to find it. From these insights, the film explores whether any common understandings rise to the surface. What seems to divide us may well be the key to helping us ultimately understand what unites us all. Happiness American pursuit. Tracy Marino, Producer, Andrew Shapter, Director, to speak at screening. This World Premiere is generously sponsored by Phil Handy, Barbara Heller and Don and Bonnie Burgess

God Made Them Blind

God Made Them Blind is the story of John Fawcett's seemingly impossible mission to reduce the phenomenal number of cataract blind people in Indonesia. It is a story about faith, tenacity, the clash of cultures and personal transformation. Four years in the making, the film reveals how John's life-altering quest brings him into conflict with Hindu beliefs in Karma and black magic, resulting in profound personal transformations on both sides. Slowly but surely this gentle man coaxes a fearful population to understand that the Hindu rules of Karma and the miracle of modern medicine can co-exist. This is John's story and the story of three Balinese whose lives he collides with and changes forever World Premiere Johathon Todd, Director to speak at the screening.

God Is American

Since the end of World War II, the people of Tanna, a remote island in the South Pacific in the Archipelago of Vanuatu, idolize an American prophet, named John Frum. The islanders believe he is an American pilot that returned to the United States after the war, and will come back to Tanna with riches from the US that they call "the cargo." They pray to an American flag, awaiting his return. One man, Isaac, who claims he is Frum's son, has formed an army of GI's to celebrate the eventual return of the prophet to their island. This is not science fiction, but it is off beat. Coffee isn't needed to stay awake for this one!

The Fair Trade

This documentary recounts the story of entrepreneur Tamara Johnston, who, devastated by the death of her fianc�, makes a bargain with God to postpone suicide in exchange for a meaningful life. Tamara launches a business, becomes an activist, develops her life's work, and risks love again-but none of it is enough. As time passes in her bargain with God, an opportune trip to Africa gives her a glimpse of what is required of her exchange for a sustainable life. Lauralee Farrer, Director/Producer to speak at screening. Generously sponsored by Joyce Friedman, Georgia Lindquist and Virginia Egger & Andre Schwartz

Explorer: Rescue Foundation: India

Slavery comes in many forms, but so does wisdom. Learn firsthand about growing and change from three girls who have found refuge from a life of exploitation in the sex trade. With support and guidance from The Rescue Foundation in Mumbai, these remarkable young women rediscover their innate dignity and relearn the joy of childhood. Explore Explore is a signature project of the Annenberg Foundation, developed and led by Trustee Charles Annenberg Weingarten, through which documentaries, short films, photographs and videos are created to showcase extraordinary non-profit efforts around the world. Filming independent voices, documenting inspiring work and tireless service for others, these films capture the values and vision of truly meaningful philanthropy. Meet filmmaker and philanthropist, Charles Annenberg Weingarten, who will be present to talk about the work of Explore, as well as take us on a visual journey to India and Darfur, through two short films: India and Darfur Filmmaker Charles Annenburg Weingarten to speak at screening.

Explorer: Dog Bless You

In the United States alone, as many as ten million animals enter shelters each year and millions must be euthanized due to lack of space. The Animal Shelter of Wood River Valley is a non-profit "no kill" shelter of immeasurable service to the local region. Meet the animals that demonstrate the remarkable healing power of pets and discover the selfless work done by the shelter staff as they rescue, protect and find homes for Idaho's abandoned dogs and cats. World Premiere Charles Annenburg Weingarten to speak at screening

Divided we fall: Americans in the aftermath

Driven to action by the murder of a turbaned man in her community, a college student drives across America in the aftermath of 9/11 to discover stories that did not make the evening news. From the still-shocked streets of Ground Zero to the desert towns of the American West, Valarie Kaur's inspiring journey uncovers remarkable stories of hate violence, fear, and unspeakable loss � until she finds the heart of America halfway around the world in the words of widow. Five years in the making, Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath deftly explores race, religion, and what it means to be American in times of national crisis.

Daughters of Wisdom

In Nangchen, situated on the Eastern Tibetan plateau, it has traditionally been a high honor for a family to have a son become a monk, granting him the privilege to serve the community as a scholar and spiritual leader. But to have a daughter become a nun has been considered a burden for a family, as she can no longer be married off in exchange for livestock, or bear children who can become workers on the family farm. Daughters of Wisdom in an intimate portrait of 300 nuns who are receiving unprecedented educational and religious training, and preserving their rich cultural heritage even as they slowly reshape it. Some shy, some outspoken, committed to the often difficult life they have chosen, the nuns graciously allowed cameras into their vibrant spiritual community to capture a glimpse into their extraordinary lives. Tibetan. Generously sponsored by Anita and Mike McCann, Mary Ann and Jim Chubb, Susie King

Constantine's Sword

Why are intolerance, violence and war so deeply ingrained in religion? Why did the Cross become a rallying symbol for persecution? How does one man who loves the Church confront its history of crusade and conquest? This is the story of James Carroll, a former Catholic priest on a journey to confront his past and uncover the roots of religiously inspired violence and war. The film brings the history of religious intolerance to life, tracing it as a source of the fanaticism that threatens the world today. At its core, Constantine's Sword is a compelling personal narrative-a kind of detective story-as one man uncovers the dark areas of his own past, searching for a better future.


Community School graduate, Lexi Dupont, made this short film as part of her required high school senior project. Her visit to the non-profit, M Lap Tapang, in Cambodia, created a connection between communities that continues today. This year's festival passes, the beautiful black woven bracelets with the word "illuminate" woven in gold cord, were created and made by the women of M Lap Tapang. Created to provide positive options for street children and meet the immediate needs of children at risk, the organization offers education, life skills training, creative and recreational arts, and most importantly, protection from all forms of abuse. Our Festival passes are not only environmentally "sustainable," but life "sustainable," benefitting directly the street children of Sihanoukville, and their future.

Body and Soul: Diana and Kathy

Diana Braun who has Down Syndrome, and Kathy Conour, who is non-verbal and has Cerebral Palsy, met at a sheltered workshop in Illinois three decades ago and vowed to live independent, non-institutionalized lives...together. Body and Soul is a rare look at an unusual relationship between two women determined to make a difference for all people with disabilities. Generously sponsored by the Sun Valley Adaptive Sports


Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Himalayas, Blindsight follows the gripping adventure of six Tibetan teenagers who set out to climb the 23,000 foot Lhakpa Ri on the north side of Mount Everest. A dangerous journey soon becomes a seemingly impossible challenge made all the more remarkable by the fact that the teenagers are blind. Believed by many Tibetans to be possessed by demons, the children are shunned by their parents, scorned by their villages and rejected by society. Rescued by Sabriye Tenberken - a blind educator and adventurer who established the first school for the blind in Lhasa, the students invite the famous blind mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer to visit their school after learning about his conquest of Everest. Erik arrives in Lhasa and inspires Sabriye and her students Kyila, Sonam Bhumtso, Tashi, Gyenshen, Dachung and Tenzin to let him lead them higher than they have ever been before. The resulting 3-week journey is beyond anything any of them could have predicted. Generously sponsored by Ann Down

Speaker 2008: David R Shlim, M.D

David R Shlim, M.D. is one of the most respected travel medicine practitioners in the world. He gained his experience in travel medicine while taking care of tourists and expatriates in Kathmandu, Nepal for fifteen years. During that time he offered free medical care to the Tibetan monastic community and took care of the newly-arrived Tibetan refugees. His twenty-three year friendship with Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche, the head of a large monastery in Kathmandu, led to a book entitled Medicine and Compassion: A Tibetan Lama�s Guidance for Caregivers. While studying Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal, David became aware of the possibilities of training and stabilizing one�s compassion. Western medicine has often encouraged compassion among its students, but there have been no available teachings on how to expand compassion and make it more effortless. Highly motivated caregivers often run up against their own limits of compassion. David�s presentation will explore the concept of compassion, why we feel that it is limited, and how we can work towards unlimited compassion. David has lectured on medicine and compassion at the Harvard School of Public Health, Yale University, the University of California at San Diego, and the University of Florida, among other venues.

Speaker 2008: Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.

Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D. is Clinical Professor of Family and Community Medicine at UCSF School of Medicine and the Founder and Director of the Institute of the Study of Health and Medicine and the Founder and Director of The Healer's Art curriculum for medical students, at UCSF which is now being taught in 60 other medical schools nationwide. She is co-founder and medical director o f the Commonweal Cancer Help Program, one of the first support groups for cancer patients in America, featured in the groundbreaking 1993 Bill Moyers's PBS series Healing and the Mind. Dr. Remen is the author of the New York Times best seller Kitchen Table Wisdom and the national bestseller My Grandfather's Blessing, which have been published in 18 languages. Dr. Remen has a 53-year history or Crohn's disease and her work is a synthesis of the perspectives of physician and patient.

Special Event

Don't Miss a Unique and Unforgettable Evening to Support the 2008 Festival. "Wine as a Catalyst Toward Healing our Planet" An Evening With Dick Grace of the Grace Family Vineyards Wednesday, August 27 Sun Valley, Idaho Venue to be determined $125 per person Join us for an intimate evening with Dick Grace. 100% of the "fruits" of his family vineyard go to support projects for children in Nepal, Tibet,the Andaman Islands, Mexico, and the USA. His message is simple and compelling . . . "Select a course of action to more freely express your innate compassionate nature and do it." - Dick Grace Call 208-726-2777 or to reserve your spot!