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War Dance

For the past twenty years, northern Uganda has been at war with a rebel force, the Lord's Resistance Army, and the country's children have been the greatest victims of the conflict. After two decades, there is little sign of peace on the horizon. But amongst the grief and violence, voices are heard-children's voices-singing strong without fear. They dance about their homeland; they dance about their future; they dance to be children...and they dance to win. In 2005, primary students from the Acholi tribe, living in the remote northern Uganda refugee camp of Patongo, won the regional music competition, which qualified them to participate and compete in the National Music Competition. WarDance follows the courageous efforts of Patongo's students as they pour their hearts into winning the year's music competition. The film also intimately follows the stories of three children, Rose, Nancy and Dominic, as they prepare for the competition and as they confide their individual hopes, fears and dreams. Community School Students to speak after screening. Generously sponsored by the students and staff of the Community School.