Film Previews

Explorer: Rescue Foundation: India

Slavery comes in many forms, but so does wisdom. Learn firsthand about growing and change from three girls who have found refuge from a life of exploitation in the sex trade. With support and guidance from The Rescue Foundation in Mumbai, these remarkable young women rediscover their innate dignity and relearn the joy of childhood. Explore Explore is a signature project of the Annenberg Foundation, developed and led by Trustee Charles Annenberg Weingarten, through which documentaries, short films, photographs and videos are created to showcase extraordinary non-profit efforts around the world. Filming independent voices, documenting inspiring work and tireless service for others, these films capture the values and vision of truly meaningful philanthropy. Meet filmmaker and philanthropist, Charles Annenberg Weingarten, who will be present to talk about the work of Explore, as well as take us on a visual journey to India and Darfur, through two short films: India and Darfur Filmmaker Charles Annenburg Weingarten to speak at screening.