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Rumi Returning

This is the story of a 13th century Muslim child who fled his home in Afghanistan as a refugee of war to become one of the planet's great voices for universal love and tolerance of all paths to God. Filmed on location amidst Turkey's architectural wonders, Rumi Returning brings the Islamic world of the Middle Ages to life through dramatic tableaus of dervishes in traditional dress accompanied by calls to worship and ecstatic Sufi music. The film explores why a line from Rumi's poetry should be our world's motto post 9-11. Cynthia Lukas and Kell Kearns, Co-producers, to speak at screening.


Judy from Shawnee said...

I was honored to see "Rumi Returning" @ the National Cathedral in D.C. last March. Those attending your film festival are in for an enlightening & uplifting experience. Hearing the producers discuss their research & film-making was quite thrilling, while their interaction with the diverse audience was spirited & stimulating!

DH said...

Congratulations for including 'Rumi Returning' in your line-up! Viewers are in for a treat - this is a visually stunning movie. The intelligent research into the fascinating life of Rumi elevates this movie into a realm where love, tolerance, & peace become a reality.

Rumi is portrayed as a Muslim par excellence - the beauty of his poetry should resonate as a message for global understanding - a message sorely needed in our troubled times.

sr. jacqueline said...

I saw this film in a small room at ASU before the filmakers took it on its world tour, and am so excited about getting to see it on a big screen. It was visually stunning, intellectually challenging, and opened the heart so that it brought tears to the eyes... all that on a small screen with a projector that did strange things to the color! :)

Thank you for choosing this film for the festival. I can't wait!

Lucie said...

Do see the movie now that you have the chance! It will touch your inner strings of goodness and deep meaning... You will find yourself free to enjoy, learn, and contemplate - never compelled to agree, never threatened or manipulated.. Simply inspired to leave the pettiness of everything that divides us and rise to that which is truly Grand and Universal.

And definitely stay for the dialogue with the charismatic creators, Cynthia and Kell. *:-) Two wonderful, talented and enlightened souls, who work with an appealing professionalism, and with a pure, innocent enthusiasm. Their integrity, courage, determination, humor and most of all, their truly humble, light attitude and their tireless, selfless actions seem to be the best expression of the ideals they work for..

Lucie said...

An absolutely outstanding experience, to have been at the European premiere of this movie in Prague last year. A beautiful and strong movie, a gentle and yet extraordinarily powerful reminder of the fact that the pure essence of all religions is One. So very beneficial in these times of inner and outer insecurities, conflicts and confusion.

In the “whirling of time”, Rumi’s thoughts are returning because now, we all have to return – to our true, pure self, to the Divine, and thus to peace and unity.